wall textured
wall textured

Textured Wall Finishes

Ultra Tex is an acrylic breakthrough product that is pigment rich and contains no cement or plaster compounds. Anvil 2200 Texture Finish is designed as a single product, two-coat system that provides an ultra-tough, durable, breathable decorative commercial texture wall finish on interior walls. This makes it a favorite interior finish of architects for new construction and renovation in the hospitality industry. Anvil products have proven to be ideal for commercial projects such as hotels, apartments, restaurants and office buildings. Developed for commercial and hospitality applications, the Ultra Tex System includes three options of finishes when used with Ultra Tex 2205 Super Hard Base Color Coat: Ultra Tex 2200 Smooth Finish, 2210. Fine Aggregated Finish or the 2220 Coarse Aggregated Texture. Easy to apply, easy to clean as well as fast drying. The long life cycle makes it extremely cost-effective. Ultra Tex provides breathability and resistance to mold and mildew and is ruggedly durable - cleaning up with soap and water.


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