Anvil manufactures a complete line of technologically advanced primers that help solve adhesion problems and make the top coat look and last longer. One great examples of this advanced formulation chemistry is noteworthy in Grip-Tite High Adhesion Bonding Primer for concrete. Anvil 1750 Grip-tite forms a surface that improves the workability and durability of the stain topcoat. This interior/exterior water borne primer applied directly to clean, porous concrete overcomes the problem of improperly prepared surfaces. Anvil 1750 can be used on vertical concrete, masonry and stucco.



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235 Aqua Seal Waterproofing and Bonding Sealer - 1 Gallon image

Product DescriptionAnvil 235 AquaSeal Waterproofing Sealer

A fast drying, water clean up, environmentally friendly, multipurpose penetrating sealer/primer for vertical surfaces.

It may be applied as a stand alone, clear sealer or top coated with elastomeric, latex or oil based coatings. 

The dried film is resistant to mildew for it contains agents which inhibit the growth of mildew on the surface of the sealer film and is also resistant to acids, and salts.

Provides a tough and flexible film with excellent scrub resistance and weatherabiliy.

May be tinted with latex paint or stain. Mix with equal parts of latex paint for use as a primer.

Mix with exterior latex paint to increase its weatherability.

May also be used as a binder sealer by adding one gallon of AquaSeal to five gallons of block filler.

Protects and seals vertical surfaces of Brick, Stucco, Concrete, Grout, Stone, Plaster, Drywall, Adobe, Simulated Brick, Metal, Chalky Surfaces, Terra Cotta Roof Tiles, Asphalt Shingles, Aluminum & Vinyl Siding, Pottery and many other nonporous surfaces.

AquaSeal is designed for above grade use only and should not be used on applications exposed to hydrostatic water pressure.

Elimination of cascading or ponding water must be addressed prior to Aquaseal application. For porous concrete surfaces such as fluted block we recommend AquaSeal II High Solids #236. AquaSeal Waterproofing Sealer has surpassed requirements for water repellency set forth in Fed. Spec TT-C-555B, Section 3.3.3.

RECOMMENDED USE: Great primer when paired with Anvil's Deck-A-New Deck coating product.

Technical Information 1-800-822-6776

Data Sheet (PDF)

SDS Sheet (PDF)

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Gator Grip Anti Skid Coating and Bonding Primer image

Colors shown here may vary from actual product due to variations in computer monitor settings. Dry samples are available upon request.

  • Concrete rough coating is slip resistant. 
  • Concrete nonslip covering ideal for pool decks and garage floors. 
  • Concrete coating is resistant to shop and household chemicals.
  • 2 in 1 concrete coating and primer together

ANVIL 9200 Series Gator Grip is a Two in One Product. It's both a Safe-Step Anti-Skid Coating and Bonding Primer in One.

We recommend applying on a clean surface. Need a cleaner? We recommend using Anvil 1450 Cleaner & Etcher available here.

Click here for the GatorGrip Use & Care Manual (PDF).

Looking for 5 gallons? Click here for the GatorGrip in 5-gal. buckets.

Technical Information 1-800-822-6776.

ANViL Gator Grip is excellent for interior and exterior surfaces. Works on both painted or unpainted concrete surfaces including: 

  • Pool Decks
  • Garage Floors
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Steps and stairs
  • Walkways
  • Basements
  • Shop Floors
  • Sidewalks

It’s unique Low-Luster Sheen and texture makes cleaning easy.

Its durable acrylic/epoxy/primer formula also resists fading, scuffing, cracking, peeling and blistering. It's the perfect choice for all your decorative concrete needs around the home.

Gator Grip is resistant to automotive chemicals, oil, grease, and gasoline. 

COVERAGE: Approx 300 sq. feet per from 1 gallon depending on the type of surface and porosity.

Technical Information 1-800-822-6776

Data Sheet (PDF)

Click here for SDS Sheet (PDF).


You get a durable epoxy anti-skid coating and primer in an easy to apply, single product.


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