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In 1967 Anvil Paints & Coatings initially concentrated on manufacturing coatings for tile roofs that were popular in Florida at the time. Today, Anvil produces more than 65 unique and innovative specialty products for the professional painting contractor and the Do-it-Yourselfer. Anvil Roof Coatings today are protecting buildings and homes throughout the America's and the Caribbean Islands. Elastomeric Roof Coatings extend the life of sloped commercial roofs and are also protecting metal roofs in the Manufactured Housing Industry. Anvil's newly formulated ROOF-TEC line offers premium elastomeric roof coatings with an unprecedented manufacturer's warranty of up to 20 years. 



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9102 Premium Grade Talongrip Slip Resistant Additive .2LB



DATA SHEET (PDF) MSDS sheet (PDF) Technical Information: 1-800-822-6776

Anvil TalonGrip Slip Resistant Additive is a finely ground polymer material to be added to paint or stains to achieve a slip resistant surface on walkways, driveways, garage floors, patios, pool decks and other surfaces. 

May also be added to paints to create a fine texture effect.

Provides optimum abrasion resistance and is more comfortable to bare feet on pool decks and similar surfaces than sand additives.

Low density and reduce or eliminate settling and provide optimum performance in film forming water based or solvent based paints, stains and sealers without changing the viscosity.

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