Anvil’s products include concrete stains, single part epoxy coatings, clear sealers for horizontal and vertical surfaces, and textured wall systems. For textured wall systems, Anvil’s single product, two-coat system called Ultra Tex is a favorite interior finish of architects for new construction and renovation in the Hospitality Industry. Anvil products have proven to be ideal for commercial projects such as hotels, apartments, restaurants and office buildings. Anvil’s latest products incorporate modern coating technology, making them easy to apply as well as extremely durable. The new line of decorative concrete coatings includes bonding enhancing primers, solids and semitransparent stains and sealers that provide countless decorative options in addition to increased protection from weather, chemicals and routine wear. These products have been developed to enable the contractor to offer a larger variety of design options. With these current product innovations, the painting contractor can bring unlimited textures, colors and faux finishes to their projects, (when in the past some of these techniques were time and cost prohibitive).