DIY Solutions

Do IT Yourself (DIY) Solutions

DIY'ers have discovered that Anvil products are extremely easy to apply and offer exceptional value while protecting and beautifying their home. One of Anvilís most durable lines includes concrete stains, single part epoxy coatings and sealers for horizontal and vertical surfaces. They incorporate modern coating technology, making them easy to apply as well as extremely durable. The new line includes bonding enhancing primers, solids and semitransparent stains and sealers that provide countless decorative options in addition to increased protection from weather, chemicals and routine wear.

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Anvil has created the 1-2-3 system:
Step 1 is 1750 Grip-Tite Primer, an interior/exterior waterborne primer that improves the adhesion, workability and durability of the acrylic stains or coatings.
Step 2 is Anvil High Performance Epoxy Show Coat, a ready-to-use single-part epoxy modified cross linking acrylic coating that provides a durable satin finish that is highly resistant to chemicals, gasoline, oil and hot tire pick-up.
Step 3 the final step uses 2350 Wet Look Sealer that provides super-gloss showroom finish.