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When it comes to new construction and renovation in the hospitality industry, Anvil Textures have quickly become the architect's choice for interior finishes. Anvil offers a multitude of texture and color options with countless design choices that are ruggedly durable and resistant to mold and mildew.
UltraTex brochure
Anvil Paints Product List for LEED NC Version 2.2 Credits EQ 4.2
Quick overview of Anvil Texture
Cleaning Instructions for Anvil Textures
Construction touch-up and Repair Tips

Quick Facts on Anvil UltraTex:

Non-toxic, very low VOC
Moderate Installed price
4000+ scrub cycles with no erosion
Limited 10 Year warranty available
Non-combustible Class A
Permanence grater then 30
Will not support mold or mildew growth
Design options are limitless with the new aggregated textures