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How to Rehab Your Wooden Deck

Spruce up your aging wooden pool deck with our spotlight product of the month “Deck-A-New”!

Some people believe that their aging wooden decks need to be demolished and replaced, which can be extremely costly and time consuming; in reality almost all wooden decks need is a couple layers of a coating to make it look new again. Deck-A-New is specifically designed for revitalizing interior and exterior wood. With 100% acrylic durability “Deck-A-New” is water resistant and locks down splinters by filling cracks up to ¼” making the surface barefoot friendly after just two coats.

Prepping and painting your wooden deck is a lot easier than you think and it makes such a huge difference. The best way to get your deck ready for a new coating is:Prepare your wooden surface for a new coat of paint by sweeping or pressure washing any dirt, grease, or mildew build-up

Use our Aqua Seal Waterproofing and Bonding Sealer (for best results, spray on with a low pressure garden sprayer or airless paint sprayer) to prime the area.Once you have prepped, follow these steps to achieve a flawless wooden deck that will be a perfect compliment any outdoor occasion:

Once you have chosen the shade of your choice, take a smaller roller brush and/or paint brush and go around the edges of the deck with our Deck-A-New

After you have gone around the corners of your edges of your deck with a smaller brush, take your larger roller or paint brush and fill in the space in between with a layer of our Deck-A-New

Add a second layer of Deck-A-New

Hand stir the Wet-Look Sealer for a glossy and super clear finish. Wait four hours to apply a second layer of the sealer and once the last layer has dried, your deck is ready for use!