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How to Paint your Pool Deck


It’s almost summertime! You know what that means: pool parties! A clean and inviting pool is essential for summer, especially in Florida (where it is currently burning up outside). What a lot of people don’t realize is that it doesn’t matter how clean your pool is or the pool’s look itself unless you have the perfectly painted pool deck to go with it. It is extremely important to prioritize how your pool deck looks by staying up to date with the last time you painted your concrete pool deck and if it looks like it could use some renewing.

For example, if your concrete pool deck has any of these flaws:
Paint is chipping
It looks dirty and old
There are cracks in the deck itself

You should go the extra mile and repaint it!

Prepping and painting your pool deck is a lot easier than you think and it makes such a huge difference. The best way to get your pool deck paint ready is:

Get that deck squeaky clean: Pressure wash any dirt or mildew build up and use our Concrete & Masonry Cleaner and Etcher that cleans and degreases for a fresh canvas to create your pool deck masterpiece (the Cleaner and Etcher also improves adhesion of paint products!)

Smooth it out: Wire brush any peeling paint from the past coatings and large cracks, then fill the large cracks with caulk so it is all level and even

You will need a few tools once you get around to painting:
A paint brush
A bucket
A large paint pan
A 9” roller brush (with extension pole)
Our Pool Deck Concrete Acrylic Stain (in any color that you like)
Our Water-Guard Multi-Surface Water Sealer

Once you have prepped, follow these steps to achieve a flawless concrete pool deck that will be a perfect compliment any outdoor occasion:

Once you have chosen the shade of your choice, take a smaller roller brush and/or paint brush and go around the edges of the pool and deck with the Pool Deck Concrete Acrylic Stain

After you have gone around the corners of your edges of your pool and deck with a smaller brush, take your larger roller brush and fill the space in between with a thin layer of the Pool Deck Concrete Acrylic Stain

After 24 hours when the paint is completely dry apply Water-Guard Multi-Surface Water Sealer for a transparent moisture barrier that will protect your concrete from mildew and water damage.