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Dining Room Do-Over for the Holidays


The season for festive holiday parties is ahead. A time to try those recipes you've pinned and put on a grownup dinner for all your friends and family. Gone are the days of mismatched furniture and dishes, you're now ready to highlight the elegant, classy atmosphere you've worked to achieve in your home. Whether you have a charming old fixer upper or a newer construction, your dining area may still need a nudge toward that desired style you want to call your own.

One simple way to accomplish a new look in your dining room is through adding texture to your walls. We’ve all seen wallpaper’s quiet comeback on our favorite home make over shows. Wallpaper is used for drama and accents that add DIMENSION, but it can be timely, expensive, and difficult to apply. Textured paint can create this effect without the hassle. Anvil Paints and Coatings offers a simple, two coat application product that is environmentally safe, ultra durable and easy to apply. Textured wall finishes from Anvil provide that touch of dimension to any wall or room with fewer steps than most textured products.

Additionally, Anvil’s textured wall finishes can cover up blemishes or draw attention to an accent piece, be it a fireplace or dramatic wall art. All you need is a clean surface free of mildew and paint ready. Anvil’s textured finishes are extremely resistant to cracking and are widely used in the commercial and hospitality industries, so you can be sure your new look can withstand your family’s gatherings for years to come.

In one simple application you can look like a design pro. If you want to go that extra mile, you can always apply texturing techniques for specific looks such as knockdown, orange peel, or splatter.

Now that all your dining room furniture matches and you have labored to create a balance of style and comfort, this short and simple make over can tip the scale from a ‘well put together’ room to an elegant entertaining space everyone will enjoy.