Advantages and Appeal of Painted Concrete Floors

No matter what style dominates your home, chances are there is an area that could benefit from concrete coating. If you have a basement, back porch or even a loft with modern concrete floors painting them with a stain yields gorgeous results.


The are many advantages of concrete floors both for style, durability and your health. Let’s start with style. If you yearn for a sleek look and enjoy easy cleaning, then concrete floors could work for you. There are many ways to stain concrete to resemble tile, stone or brick. Concrete, when sealed correctly is easy to clean and sanitizes far better than carpet or wood. With that durability comes extreme harshness, nothing can survive a drop to a concrete floor. If you have a family, concrete floors may not be the best option but could certainly be in a smaller area such as a back porch or basement.


Proper preparation is essential for an existing concrete floor that is getting a makeover. Using a product such as Anvil Etcher sealers will the do the job. The harder part is choosing either a color stain or a design such as stencils to mimic those tiles or bricks we mentioned before. There are many videos and tutorials you can view before you undergo the job yourself. Start with our video that shows a step by step process for a small business owner’s restaurant.

Choosing to add a refresh to your old concrete floors or starting from scratch will give your space a timeless appeal.