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6 Tips for Spring Tasks Around the House


Spring is a special time of year, those in the north wait for it knowing the weather won’t change overnight, but it’s a little closer to warmer temperatures. Southern folks love the spring as well for the perfect temperatures and blooms. Homeowners must take action on those magical, warm spring days and get outside to assess the winter damage.

1.Check All Concrete

Inspect your driveway, porch steps and other foot paths for signs of damage. Concrete is heavy duty and durable but still needs maintenance. Temperature changes cause cracking. Salts and plow can remove sealers. Snow melt can also loosen the aggregate and cause holes.

2. Inspect the Roof

If you didn’t have proper ventilation on your roof you may have trapped water from snow that has melted and refrozen. Icicles may have formed and put stress on your gutters and the roof.

3. Wash and Seal the Deck

Each type of deck calls for a different cleaning method. Choose a cloudy day to clean your deck so the sun doesn’t dry any cleaning solutions while working.

Wood: Use a standard deck cleaner
Vinyl: Use soap and water
Composite: Use a composite specific formula

4. Recycle Paint and Coatings Cans

Spring cleaning means the garage, too. Don’t just toss those paint cans in the garbage! Check with your local county for specific drop off or pick days for these items. Most recycying facilities offer proper disposal for these cans.

5. Make a Punch List

After you’ve assessed the damage and done some cleaning, take advantage of seasonal sales. Get all the supplies you’ll need for the upcoming repairs and maintenance.

6. Download a Few Free Apps

Yes, there’s an app for that. Life made easier with apps for DIY, painting and more!

Paint Tester: Thinking of painting your home. Save time and money by seeing how that color will look before you break out the tools.
Cost: Free

Handyman Calculator: Estimate cost and time. Manage materials and your todos, all in one. For the DIYer and contractor!
Cost: Free

Bright Nest: Keep track of all your home maintenance. Great for managing a specific project or keeping up with maintenance when all is said and done.
Cost: Free

Happy Spring!